The era before the year 2000 was the best. The education system produced Doctors, Engineers, and Scientists. Many of them excelled in their respective fields by making name for themselves and their country. After the year 2k, the technology picked an excellent pace. The era of social media, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and now blockchain has opened new earning and living opportunities.

The syllabus in school needs to reflect these opportunities which it does not do. Students can pick a direction of their career in college and university but the early age where a direction for the future can be set is the school.

School is talking about maths, biology, physics, science, and a bit of computer (that too hardware and some basic software usage) but nothing out of the box to meet what’s trending in the world. This is the era of the 4th industrial revolution. The syllabus needs to reflect the existing as well as future opportunities.

The problem is, school is developing a job mindset, not entrepreneurs. The fundamentals of entrepreneurship such as decision making, risk, and creative thinking are not taught at school. Perhaps there is a need for the introduction of entrepreneurship, AI, and AR in the syllabus now. The only two countries working on constantly updating syllabus in Asia are Japan and Singapore. They understand the importance of keeping up the pace with the industry trends and preparing their kids for the future.

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